About Us

Project House is the pioneer of digital in Turkey. Founded in 1999, accredited as one of the fastest growing digital agencies in EMEA, we create full service digital solutions. From banners to chatbots, global web sites to mobile applications, our job is to create and maintain all kinds of digital assets. Headquartered in Istanbul, we work for top-notch brands based in London, New York, Toronto, Belgium, Netherland, Cape Town, United Arab Emirates, Australia, Mexico, Argentina, India, Singapore and Istanbul. Our approach is agile, utilizing latest platforms and methodology. At the very intersection of technology and communication, we are a new generation agency with significant experience of delivering real results to top-notch brands.


Digital strategy

  • UX
  • CRM - Making data meaningful

Create & Build

  • Web site creation
  • Mobile apps

Operating System: MarOps

  • Content management
  • Email marketing (design & delivery)
  • Mobile marketing
  • Banner creation and adaptations
  • DCO
  • International localization
  • Data operations
  • Image adaptations

How we work ?


  • Extension to your marketing team
  • Best for long-running projects
  • Agile project management
  • Single or multiple projects at the same time

Project based

  • Deliver your dream product in best way possible
  • Single product or defined scope


  • Help to improve your existing products or campaigns
  • 20+ year know-how and clear market research to define your consumers’ needs and behaviors
  • Analyzing your data and create reports and data-based solutions
  • Helping you to create better KPIs.
  • Custom planning for your owned and earned data

What we do ?


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