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Project House is the pioneer of digital in Turkey. Founded in 1999, accredited as one of the fastest growing digital agencies in EMEA, we create full service digital solutions. From banners to chatbots, global web sites to mobile applications, our job is to create and maintain all kinds of digital assets. Headquartered in Istanbul, we work for top-notch brands based in London, New York, Toronto and Istanbul. Our approach is agile, utilizing latest platforms and methodology. At the very intersection of technology and communication, we are a new generation agency with significant experience of delivering real results to top-notch brands.

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Technology that we use at work must not be surpassed by technology that audience use at home!

Our approach create a technology agnostic eco system based on needs and strips out anything that does not improve current snapshot. We believe that technology can solve real business problems by enabling new user experiences.

Based on technology, selection needs to be done by business needs and objectives; vice versa is a mistake. Integrating all disciples throughout every project from beginning to end. While executing development, we prioritize continuous delivery over time which allows us to integrate real user feedback and transform platform for evolving business needs. We provide consultation, architecture, cross-stack development and quality assurance as in-house services.

What we do;
- Mobile & Multiplatform apps
- E-Commerce
- Web Applications
- Content Management Systems
- Messaging Operations (Email, MMS, SMS)
- Banner Productions (html5, animated gif, static)


Corporate Services has been user-centric design approach. We have always put audience behavior while focusing on trending user interface or simplicity. Not always best design is based on popular and trendy design.

Most of the time corporate needs are met while creativity and visual concerns elevated. Our passion is based on building beautiful things that make the lives of users better. In terms of creative approach creative people always pushing the boundary of traditional platforms which ends up deliver elegantly functional work.

Creative is not a thing which you might think to give up in technology implementation. Every project needs to be creative at some point. Sometimes this can be a work-flow, sometimes it is about use of technology itself and sometimes it is about content use.

What we do;
- User Experience
- Responsive Design
- Mobile and Emerging Platforms


Digital platform’s critical success is not only based on creative and technology cooperation. It is mostly based on content strategy and skill of communication. The best brands say the right thing at the right time with coordinating their message across channels. Corporate Services is inspired by the content consumption behaviors of all stakeholders.

Current digital eco system content creation and consumption is an important part of user experience and search engine optimization (SEO) efforts. Before start to create content, we need to be aligned business teams in content workshops. In these workshops we need to be sure about information architecture, tone of voice, target audience and consumption behaviors.

Content is an important key for overall success. Corporate Services can help brands from initial strategy through content production and distribution. In doing so, together we transform and strengthen marketing and communications operations as well as technological infrastructures and information architecture.

What we do;
- Information Strategy
- Content Development
- Publishing Management


Creating an addition to digital eco system starts from analyzing needs and deliverable. From initial start we need to gather existing data as a resource and evolve business needs into data structures. User data is becoming ubiquitous and granular day by day across digital channels. Real challenge is to integrate meaningful data with every part of business.

In terms of data approach, Corporate Services can fuel strategy with meaningful data. Every digital asset needs to integrated to customer relationship management (CRM) and business intelligence (BI) systems in order to get more information about audience. Corporate Services can forge connections between digital assets, analytic platforms and in-house/homegrown systems.

What we do;
- Consumer data analytics
- Data visualization
- Statistical modeling


Creating a digital asset is one of the basic part of creating a digital eco system. Hardest part is not producing but continuity is the problematic part. Business needs are evolving as well as platforms needs to be evolved. Adding new modules, forging new connections, creating new data structures are some of the mandatory works which needs to be developed in time regarding to platform evolution.

Corporate Services believes in the true lifecycle of projects. Digital assets are born, grow with proper approach and die if you don’t keep up the attention. So enterprise strategy and vision should be aligned with digital asset’s lifecycles. Managing, updating and renewing can create overload for daily workload so if needed Corporate Services can organize services to keep the platform live.

Way of Working;

- Working with small teams cause speed, agility and honest collaboration with our clients
- Continuous improvement will evolve business needs as well as digital assets
- Pivot client as a partner
- Client should join teams to help us understand business
- Users are always first! They will transform organizations and digital assets
- It is a simple process : understand, iterate, go live



Sitecore is the global leader in experience management software that enables context marketing. The Sitecore® Experience Platform™ manages content, supplies contextual intelligence, and automates communications, at scale. It empowers marketers to deliver content in context of how customers have engaged with their brand, across every channel, in real time. More than 4,600 customers—including American Express, Carnival Cruise Lines, easyJet, and L'Oréal—trust Sitecore for context marketing to deliver the personalized interactions that delight audiences, build loyalty, and drive revenue.


Progress® Sitefinity™ is a content management and marketing analytics platform designed to maximize the agility needed to succeed in today’s rapidly changing digital marketplace. It provides developers and IT teams the tools they need to support enterprise-level digital marketing, optimizing the customer journey by delivering seamless personalized experiences across different technologies and devices. Progress is a trusted source for the digital marketing innovation needed to create transformative customer experiences that fuel business success.


Modern Marketers choose Oracle Marketing Cloud’s data-driven solutions to create engagement, orchestrate experiences, connect data, and optimize online interactions that attract and retain ideal customers. And it's easier than you might think. These Modern Marketing solutions connect cross-channel, content, and social marketing with data management and activation, along with hundreds of pre-integrated app and data partners. Leading brands use our award-winning expertise and technology to deliver personal experiences on a proven system that marketers love and IT trusts!


Corporate Services team are deep dived into IBM Cognitive World. This experience helps us to add adding Watson’s cognitive learning to everyday marketing tasks. While establishing personalized customer conversations, building relationships that drive engagement seamlessly across all channels. It is the main challenge to deliver the right customer experience at the right time and place.The answers you need to make better decision are hiding in a very deep ocean of data. Watson-powered solutions help you to tap into his extraordinary capabilities to learn, understand and advise.


As Project House partners with Microsoft in Application Development competency. Competency based on continuous improvement and faster software development in Microsoft Azure. Microsoft Azure is a cloud competing service for building, deploting and managing application and services through global network of Microsoft managed data centers. Azure provides Software as a service (SaaS), platform as a service (PaaS) and infrastructure as a service (IaaS).

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